Monday, May 19, 2014

Mother's Day

I woke up to a Mother's Day breakfast in bed from Jordyn and Sydney. The cool thing is that they did this completely on their own, even the idea itself. They made me cereal, a glass of milk, granola bar, 2 pieces of toast, and an orange.  Jeff went above and beyond and got me a 1 hour massage, cleaned the entire house, took care of all the kids needs, let me take a nap after church, and cooked dinner, like a REAL, legitimate dinner. He made homemade chicken fetticine alfredo with broccoli and a spinach salad. He also fixed our BBQ so now he can cook more:) Thanks babe! These are the really dark pictures we took after 8am church. 

 Home made gifts are the best. The middle picture Jordyn drew is of me. She also said she would rub my feet and I held her to it.
 Sydney made me a candle, a ceramic butterfly, and magnets with her picture.
 Levi wrote about me. According to Levi I am 14 years old, the best thing I cook is pancakes with frosting (?), and I'm really good at playing soccer (?).

The best thing about my kids is that they put up with me and love me unconditionally, at least for time being.

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