Monday, May 19, 2014

some stats

Okay so I'm officially done having kids. I'm not really sad about it like you might think. I know I will miss having a newborn and holding a little one in my arms, but I can't have babies forever. I know I'll cherish the innocence of babies, toddlers, and sweet young people. I also look forward to diaper-less days, no car seats, going on a date with no babysitter, vacationing and doing activities with the entire family, not just half because some aren't tall enough, or can't stay up without a nap, etc.
With the thought of moving forward, I've reflected on the past 9 years and these are some stats from bearing children and having babies.
1. In 8 years I was pregnant 40 months. Of those 40 months I was seriously sick 12 months (1 year).
2. Over the course of 8 years, with the 4 pregnancies, I gained a total of 190 lbs. Thankfully with hard work I lost 200 lbs in 8 years.
3. I have breast fed 41 months (3 years 5 months) over a 8 year span. I've been from a size B bra to who knows how large, I wasn't about to spend money on a double D bra or larger. How depressing! I wish I could tell you how many cups/gallons of milk I produced.
4. Being awaken in the night is a minimum of 4 years total over the course of 8 years.
5. Diapers? who knows.
6. We moved 3 times in 3 different states.
7. I was pregnant and gave birth during an Alaskan winter, need I say more?
Was it worth it...Definitely! Like the Grinch, my heart's capacity grew 4 times the normal amount. I love the 4 individuals I gave life to more than I can write in words. I'm tremendously grateful for these gifts and blessings my Heavenly Father has granted Jeff and I.
I will look forward to holding grand babies in my future and cherish the memories I have of holding, consoling, and loving my own little ones.

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Kirsten said...

Just think, you have less than 24 months of diapers left! Depending on if Macie is a fast potty trainer or not. You'll also ditch the highchair in that time. It's crazy to transition from the baby phase tot he big kid phase and know you'll never go back. I'm still not sure how I feel about it all.