Monday, September 22, 2014

anniversary present

Jeff and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary August 10th. We exchanged letters and I surprised Jeff with an adventurous date: skydiving, because doesn't every husband want that as a fun surprise?! Jeff was shocked and didn't believe me at first. Then I think his first comment was something like, "shouldn't we wait to do something like this when our youngest is 18?" He makes a good point but people do this everyday that I wasn't too worried; but he did make me second guess myself. We got there and the plane wouldn't start so we had to reschedule. That didn't help my doubt either. The second time we went, it had been raining and there were a lot of clouds out. We went; watched a video, got into our gear, climbed into a one seater plane (only for the pilot) held together with duct tape and our instructors strapped to our back. It was about a 30 minute plane ride to climb up 10,000 feet. Sometimes I was very nervous, sometimes I was surprisingly calm. I was more worried about dying in a plane crash than the parachute not getting out. It was time to open the airplane door and work our way out. It was loud and super windy; I could barely move my leg around on the ledge. My tandem instructor guy rocked back and forth and we did and forward roll out. We had a 40 second free fall and reached about 155 MPH. It was crazy! I kept thinking, "I can't believe I'm falling through the sky and clouds." The instructor let out the chute, there was a big jolt slowing down so abruptly, and then it got quiet and we were floating down. The guy turned around so I could see Jeff. We did some turns and I enjoyed the view and we landed perfectly. I watched Jeff land and his first words were, "That was awesome!" and "We survived." It was a lot of fun and Jeff and I will definitely always remember this adventure. We have a video they gave us. When I watched it, I got a little nervous all over again.

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gammie said...

Incredible surprise! One neither of you will forget! I love seeing you take time together and having fun! This really did seem like it was right up Jeff's alley!