Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'm a Runner?

Yes, I am. It's taken me a long time to admit it, and quite frankly, I just came to terms with that on Sunday. Since people have seen me running with my friends and know I've run in a few races, people have made comments about me being a "runner." Every time, I would make some snide remark about not being a "real" runner or being a slow runner, etc. When I went visiting teaching, the college girl I visit, said something about me being a runner and mentioned that it's my hobby. That was what I needed to hear I guess to convince myself that it is a hobby and that I am a runner. Subconsciously I suppose I thought I had to run a certain # of marathons, or have a certain time per mile to be considered a "real" runner. When the girl mentioned "hobby," it put things into perspective for me. I like to run, I like to run with friends, I like how it energizes me.  I am a runner no matter how slow or fast I run. I'm not sure why I, and I'm sure other people, feel that you have to be "perfect" to identify yourself as a "runner" or "singer" or "crafty person," etc. I hope I can more easily own things I like to do that make me feel good. I'm grateful that I finally realized that I don't have to be hard core or perfect at something to proudly say I am a ..... Wish I would've had this epiphany sooner. This could have been holding me back at hobbies I do enjoy but have no training, like singing, dancing, and general performing.

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gammie said...

Amen! I feel validated as a "runner" now myself! You do have many talents (well above average I might add). I'm glad that you'll not be minimizing them anymore! I love you my darling talented girl!!!