Saturday, September 27, 2014

when plans go wrong

 On Labor day weekend we were going to stay in a time share for a few nights, thanks to Grandma Nita's husband, Paul. It's about 45 minutes outside of Payson. We had stopped in Payson to get some groceries, because these time shares have kitchens. We got to the time share place on Saturday evening, around dinner time. We checked in and it took a few confusing minutes for them, and us to realize we had booked the time share for the wrong weekend. I could see Jeff's excitement plummet and his stress rise before my eyes. There was no need for me to stress or be upset because I knew Jeff was internally dealing with it. It was therefore easy for me to be the calm one. I played with the kids outside as he scrambled around trying to find a nearby hotel or cabin to rent. He had no luck since it was a busy 3 day weekend. We ended up going back to Payson that night at the only hotel, I mean motel we could find....Knights Inn--a step up from hostel. Let's just say I took a shower with my flip flops on and when I walked around the room. The kids could care less and didn't know the difference though. Our plans changed. The next day we decided to hike Tonto's bridge and then go home a day earlier.
 It was a gorgeous day and we soaked in the cooler weather.
 Enjoying a bench and lollipop.

 Macie stayed in the back pack the whole time and she seemed very relaxed the whole time.

 Inside the natural bridge was cool and breezy and lots of spaces to crawl in and climb on.

 After hiking to the bridge and back we walked around the state park. Macie, of course, was climbing and walking all over the place.

 Inside the walls of the bridge. It wasn't the staycation we thought we were gonna have, but it was still fun and memorable.


gammie said...

I think you all had a great time because you all enjoy each other and love a free style adventure! It sure looks fun to me!

gammie said...

Oh! did Jeff need a massage after packing Macie around all day? I would have milked that one if I were Jeff!

gammie said...

finally all the pictures came up! What a beautiful place! There are some beautiful shots you took of the bridge and the kids!