Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sydney's 9th birthday

Sydney turned 9. We had our usual tradition of decorating her room while she's sleeping. She woke up to a big birthday present--a BALANCE BEAM. She was excited to get it and not expecting it at all.
 It was a non-party year. I took her out for doughnuts for breakfast. At school Jeff and I both came and treated her class to Bahama Buck's. The kids loved that! Then she took the rest of the day off and I took her to a movie theater in Scottsdale that serves food. We watched the Madagascar Penquin movie.
 Here we are waiting for the movie to start.
 She wanted me to make her an ice cream cake with oreo crust.
 Oh, the whole class posing with all their SNO.
 She was excited to see her name on the marquee.

 I can't believe this little girl is 9 already. Just so thankful she's growing up to be what I know is an amazing person.
 The next week she had a gymnastic meet. On her floor routine, she did a round off, back handspring, back handspring. On the beam she did a cartwheel with no reservation and nailed it. She got 3rd overall.
The Sunday before Christmas she performed in the ward orchestra.
 Wearing the music pin Gammie gave her at Thanksgiving. She picked it out and wanted me to pin it to her dress that morning.
So talented in many ways. Love Sydney!!

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gammie said...

I can't believe Syd is already 9!She is so talented! I love seeing all the pictures and that sweet face!! She was so excited to have Bahama Bucks at school for her class!