Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas time

Christmas time brings so much excitement, teaching, remembrance, stress, and goodies to our lives.
 One night we went to San Tan Village to hear Mrs. Clause tell a story.
 Getting the tree up. We have a real tree down stairs and this year we bought a fake tree to put upstairs that the kids put their ornaments on. Macie destroyed a couple dozen ornaments.

The first day of December, the kids opened their new jammies, had a treat, and we read our first Christmas book. They couldn't wait to open How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and as it turned out, it was the last book to be opened. What are the chances?
All 4 in their new jammies and all cleaned up.
My bookends: Sydney (9) and Macie (20months)
I love Macie's big smile, scrunched up nose, squeezy cheeks, little front teeth, and curly hair.
One night we went to the temple. We heard a group of flutists play and walked around to see the lights.

One morning before church.

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gammie said...

Okay so these pictures really made me miss the kids! I love the one of Jordyn with her back to Levi! She is really something! Macy's happy face really got to me because we just saw it. You do so many fun things for the kids to make their childhoods rich and full! It tickles me to see Sydney play the violin and wear my pin! I got a big kick out of that!!!