Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More December fun stuff

 One time we had to go to Walmart. I took my old glasses to donate and told everyone we all had to do something of service while we were there. Jordyn and Levi threw some trash away they saw on the ground. Sydney went up to a stranger and complimented her shirt. She wanted me to videotape it so I did.....very discreetly. It was the funnest Walmart trip I've ever made.
 The Saturday before Christmas we had a family party, just the 6 of us. We did christmas karaoke, had a pillow fight, read some Christmas books, made snowmen with snow from Bahama Bucks, watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas, ate lots of treats, and ended it with a slumber party in our room.
 Jordyn and Levi cuddling and sleeping by each other.
 Karaoke time.

 Here a christmas tree treat that we ate at our family party.
 A couple days earlier I got my hair done and the girls want to take selfie with me:)
 Macie pooh can be found in our closet or Levi's hanging from the bar or upside down like this. She loves showing us her tricks, just like our other kids do.
 This is a snowman we made at our family party.

Here's Levi throwing away litter at Walmart.
 A few days before Christmas we made a Gingerbread house while Macie was taking her nap. It wasn't 5 minutes after making it that they really did eat what they wanted to. It was a good thing I took a picture before they really did eat it. We posed for this picture below. I turned around to clean things up and then they really tore it apart and ate stuff. I look at that and want to puke. But I'm more of a chocolate person.

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gammie said...

You're such a good mom!! You make everything so fun! These are adorable pictures!!!