Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Christmas Eve

 Our Christmas Eve was on the 22nd because 23rd was our Christmas because we flew to Utah early on the 24th. We asked Jack Sherman, our Elf, if he could deliver a note to Santa. We asked Santa if he could come early since we weren't going to be here on Christmas day.
 I think Christmas Eve is my favorite. We open what each of us made for each other. It's personal, we take pride in what we made, and everyone is super nice and excited for what they receive. Jeff made each of the kids' this street sign, which is now hung above their doors.
 Sydney sew Levi and Jordan these crayon holders and sewed Jeff and I race bags you heat up in the microwave. She loved learning to sew.

 I helped Jordan sew bean bags for everyone.

 Jeff with the rice bag on his neck.
 Levi made everyone these candy bars. I helped him tape it together so it looks like Santa's sleigh.

 I made the kids a Christmas ornament and made Jeff this ice cream bowl since he usually has ice cream and cereal mixed together for dessert every night.

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gammie said...

I really like this tradition! These were really nice things that everyone enjoyed!!The kids look so cute and happy!!