Monday, January 11, 2016

Fall Break-Carribean Cruise

 Before our cruise, during the summer, each child got an island (the girls each got two and Levi got one). We went to the library and researched each place, they wrote a little paragraph about it, made a poster, and then an oral presentation. After we danced the different types of music found in those places and had a lot of fun.
 The kids loved this cruise and having all the family that came with us, the Gers, Rueckerts, and Mom and Brooke. They loved the activities on the boat, ice skating, seeing Shrek and Fiona, all the food, boogie boarding, rock climbing, swimming, jogging on the track, and seeing a few shows.
 Our first port was Haiti. We spent our time in a Cabana at the beach. Our 2nd stop was Jamaica. We definitely had a cultural experience here and it was everything I dreamed for for our kids. We had a local guy take us around. We saw Discovery Bay, that Christopher Columbus discovered. Our favorite and impromtu stop was at a local elementary school.  It was "jamaican day" at the school so it was like a holiday. The kids were very accepting and loved seeing some American kids visit.
 They loved showing us around their school and classrooms. Someone or a few were always holding on to our kids. They were definitely  not used to that.
 All of us with Discovery Bay in the background.
 Sydney showed the kids her gymnastics routine and tricks. About 50 kids were gathered around watching and were mesmerized. Sydney loved the attention and performed like they wanted her to do.
 All the children were so cute, friendly, and you could tell were humble.
 The next day we went to Grand Cayman. Had another beach day in front of the Governor's house. We did some snorkeling, swimming, playing around, and even jet skiing. ALL the kids loved that and we couldn't go fast enough for them.

 eating at dinner was always a treat. one of our favorite lines was from Levi, he asked the waiter, "Can I have steak and hot chocolate."
 One night Grandma came to our room and spent some special time with us. Their room was next door and some of the kids would sleep with them. We brought a walkie-talkie, so we would leave it with the Gers and they could contact us if they needed so Jeff and I were able to go out at night.
Jeff and I loved trying the surf thing. Me, brooke, and Luisa did lots of karaoke and dancing at night. It was a blast and wish I could post more pictures.

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