Wednesday, January 6, 2016

moab and soccer

 Jeff had the amazing opportunity to have a guys trip in Moab. They went on some of the hardest mountain biking trails in the US. He survived but he came home with some crazy stories and scabs to prove the tough terrain. The Whole Enchilada was the hardest trail. They had a late start and that put them in the hardest part of the trail at the hottest time of the day. Jeff ran out of water and was dying by the end, he had to carry his bike for a lot of it as the trail just had too many tall boulders and was unridable. One guy truly was dehydrated and another needed assistance out. After 2 days of mountain biking they enjoyed white water rafting down the CO river.
 While Jeff was doing that, I had the privilege of a soccer saturday in Gilbert. 3 different soccer games at 3 different times while toting a 2 year old is no easy feat. We managed and everyone was great.
By the end of the last day, we were all spent.

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