Sunday, January 24, 2016

halloween 2015

 This was our halloween dinner. We had monster spaghetti, bread, veggies, and monster cookies for dessert. After we had the kids close their eyes and feel and guess what they were holding. For example peeled grapes were witch eyes. The kids loved it all.
 Halloween fell on a Friday. I helped it Levi's and Jordyn's class. Levi was a nice clown during the day....

 .....and a scary clown at night. He wasn't afraid of the mask like I was.
 Jordyn was a flapper girl. I already had a flapper costume for Macie, and Jordyn wanted to be the same as Macie. Luckily I had bought this flapper dress last year after halloween and it fit perfectly.
 Such a cute flapper girl!

 Sydney is an emoji. She wanted to be an angry emoji. So I made it out of cardboard and her costume was done. I love Levi's pose.
 Here is our little 2 year old flapper girl and not wanting to pose for the camera

 She loved the candy and I think she had a piece of candy in her mouth for 4 hours straight.

 We had about 6 families over for an outside potluck and then we all went trick-or-treating.
 Here are all the kids that left from our house. We pull our fire pit to the driveway and put our candy on a table so trick or treaters can pick up some candy.
 After the kids poured their candy out and the trading began.

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