Sunday, January 24, 2016

vegas ragnar

 all 12 of us packed in a 15 passenger van headed to vegas ragnar for our race.
 It started in Mt. Charleston. Becca was the 1st runner and I was the 2nd. It was freezing. The first leg was all down hill and my legs felt it afterwards. Our team name was the Unforgettables.

 Our next leg was later that night about 8pm. It was dar, running in some hills, and once again we were cold.
 Being silly cuz that's what happens on these races.
 Our occasional meet up with Van 2 for an exchange.
We all had the same pants and tanks for photo reason and our Ragnar tattoos on.

 My last leg started about 4am. It was dark and cold. I ran past Lake Mead and finished as the sun rose. My total miles was 18.5 We finished the race 2nd in our division!

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