Thursday, September 9, 2010

6 months?!

Has it been 6 months already since I was in the hospital with the wonderful surprise that we had a baby boy? The excitement for a boy, the sweet moments when I held him for the first time and looked into his eyes and said, "I love you, LEVI." Where has the time gone? Our sweet little boy in 6 short months has accomplished so much.
-Rolling over
-Eating baby food
-Smiling, laughing, babbling
-Holding his head up
-Discovering his hands and feet
-Gaining 9 lbs
Levi's personality is very easy going. He is such a happy and content baby. He loves playing peek-a-boo, watching me sing itsy,bitsy spider, and pretending he has stinky feet. He loves to watch his sisters play together. The funniest thing (at least to me) is when the girls get too close in his personal space and he has learned that if he pulls on their hair with that strong baby grip, they will move away from him after they have screamed and gotten their hair back. Did I mention he's a smart little guy too? He loves food. In the morning I sit him in his chair. I put his baby food on the table, and he shakes with excitement. I'm starting to teach him sign language like I did with the girls. He's getting close to crawling. We're so thankful to have Levi as part of our family. He blesses our lives everyday as does Sydney and Jordyn.


Alice said...

Oh he's just so cute. I love 6 monthers.

Bowen Family said...

He is such a happy little guy. He just lights right up every time I see him, I love it.

PS girls night out soon! I'll keep you posted, it may include Bear Tooth and Eclipse:)

trimarie said...

Super duper cutie!!! Give him lots of hugs and kissin'.

Coordination Queen said...

He is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months Levi! I can hardly wait to hold you next week! You are super cute like your sisters-maybe more since you don't get in trouble ever! XOXO Gammie