Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Batting Cages

We set out for a hike last night and we ended up at the batting cages. However our version of the batting cages is a little different. It involved a river, rocks, and a sturdy stick/branch. We did go on a hike and enjoyed the new colors of fall. We came to Eagle River and started throwing rocks and then found a stick and started throwing up rocks and swinging at them. The girls continued to throw rocks while Jeff and I swung at rocks. Swinging rocks then evolved to making funny faces while we swing. Here are pictures of our hike and our time batting. We're dorks....just warning you...as if you didn't know

My sorry attempt at a mad face.
Excited face

I'm not sure what this face is....Pouty???
I absolutely love when one activity leads to another that was totally unplanned and ended up being full of laughter for everyone.

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Luisa said...

Your faces are hilarious. I would like to know what face Jeff thought he was going for. It is seriously SO beautiful there!