Monday, September 27, 2010


Jeff and Sydney snorkeling
At the lava flow at LeProuse Bay
Jeff flipping Sydney over in the tropical pool

We just got home from spending a week in Maui. We stayed at a friend's condo in Kihei (Maui Kamaole). My parents came with us. We love hanging out with my parents. We have a good time with them playing games and doing just about anything. I was excited to have them come with us and the girls were elated, but by the end of the week, Jeff and I realized how luxurious it was to have them there. 2 extra adults helping with kids, getting out of the condo in the morning, carrying ALL the gear to the beach was extremely helpful more so than I ever expected. My parents also watched the kids while Jeff and I rode down Mt. Haleakala. Jeff and I were also able to take several strolls at night. The vacation would definitely have been different had they not been there.
Celebrating my mom's b-day with some cake pops I made.
In front of the Banyan tree in Lahaina
Us in front of our own street.
Levi sporting his trunks
Enjoying some paddle ball

Sun 9.19: went to church, went to the pool-sydney practiced snorkeling, Ulua beach
Mon 9.20: Ulua beach-snorkel, naps, tropical pool, Big Beach, Mom and Dad went to the Magic Show
Tues 9.21: Launiupoko Beach-surfing, great kid beach too, tropical pool, night walk
Wed 9.22: LeProuse Bay-walked the lava flow, "Dumps" beach-snorkel, Big Beach, tropical pool
Thurs 9.23: Haleakala Bike ride, pool, Hula Show in Lahaina, Banyan Tree
Fri 9.24: Lahaina, Banyan Tree, Ulkehame Beach, pool, and pack
Us in front of the church building in Kihei

Sydney and Jordyn w/ Hula girls

We had such a wonderful time. Some of the highlights include watching Sydney snorkel in the ocean with Jeff, we both surfed (Jeff took sydney surfing too. We only have that on video), the girls LOVED playing on the Banyan tree, walking at night, snorkeling, swimming (Syd learned to dive in the pool to pick up rocks and would also swim under our legs, going to church, and spending lots of quality time together. We all loved the warm weather, warm breezes, warm ocean, and no responsibilities. The next morning we got there Sydney walked outside and said, "MOM, the sun is out and the wind is out. It's a great day." It was nice to be in 80 degree weather. When the girls played in the Banyan tree, Syd said, "This is the best night of MY LIFE." Sydney also noticed and pointed out to me the Kukui tree (state tree), hibiscus (state flower), and nene (state bird) which made the poster I made worth while. We got home late Sat night. When I woke up Sunday morning, it was snowing. I guess that was Alaska's way to welcome us home.

Jeff and I rode 38 miles down Mt. Haleakala. This is the lovely hat everyone had to wear.


trimarie said...

What an awesome trip for you all!! Love you!

Coordination Queen said...

So much fun! I love Maui!

The Shaws said...

It sounds like you guys had a different trip than us. Glad you had fun! Levi looks cute in his trunks and I love that Syd said that it was the best night of her life. I'll call you to talk more.

Amy said...

Might I say that you look fabulous after having three children!

I love Hawaii, Kai first told me he loved me on Mt. Haleakala. It looks like you had a wonderful time. There is so much Hawaii talk going around I am really starting to miss the place!
Your family pictures look great!