Monday, September 6, 2010

Other summer activities

There have been other fun things we have done this summer worth including.
#1 The air show at Elmendorf Airforce Base. We go on base quite often to visit friends and enjoy some things on base like swimming and playing at the indoor playground. We saw the air show including the Blue Angels on July 31st. The Blue Angels were awesome to watch. We walked on some planes and enjoyed the festivities.
The girls flying a FED EX plane.

My camera does not come close to doing the Blue Angels justice.

#2 I ran in my first 10K (6.2 miles) in Anchorage. I ran just under an hour. It isn't a time worth bragging about. But for me, I was just glad to cross the finish line and stop looking at the girl in front of me that had a lovely spare tire and a wedgie staring me in the face. She was wearing too short of a shirt and too short of shorts and sadly I couldn't get my eyes off her for the 20 minutes she was ahead of me.
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#3 Hiking. When we're not sure what to do....we hike. It's great to get outside, with bear spray in hand, and enjoy the beauties here in Alaska.
Thunderbird Falls

#4 Whittier, AK. On saturday we drove to Whittier. It's a small quaint town of about 400 people. The highlight is the 2.5 mile tunnel you go through to get to Whittier. We saw the huge cruise ship there and had some hot chocolate in a small cafe overlooking the bay. That's all there is to do especially when it is pouring down rain. As we left we saw Portage Glacier and went to a fish viewing. We saw hundreds of salmon swimming upstream in shallow water


Alice said...

OK. Your girls are just adorable. Sydney is like a mini version of you. Also, look AMAZING! Didn't you just have a baby 5 months ago? I ran my first 10k at the end of an Olympic actually went better than normal because I dropped like 5 lbs that week from the stress of moving to Switzerland and I felt so much lighter than normal. I missi running.

Alice said...

Also, you crack me up so much!