Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Last week Sydney started preschool. It's 3 days a week for a few hours each day. She loves it. The teachers are awesome. The first week she learned to count to 100, count to 10 in Spanish, learned the days of the week, and not to chew food with her mouth open (which we teach at the dinner table, but since her teacher mentioned it to the whole class, it resonates more.) Jordyn is very UNHAPPY that Sydney goes to preschool and she doesn't.

Sydney had to make a "All About Me" poster. This is what we came up with. Sydney picked adjectives that describe who she is with each letter in her name S: snow-skiier, Y: young, D: dangerous, N: nice, E: energetic, Y: yellow skittles.

To celebrate the completion of her first week of preschool we had a movie night. Levi and Jordyn went to bed early and Sydney got to stay up late and watch "Emperor's New Groove" with me and Jeff. I don't recommend that movie for adults. It is a glorified cartoon. Jeff and I fell asleep half way during the movie while Sydney stayed up eating candy she bought from the "Concessions Stand."


trimarie said...

What a big girl she is!!! Preschool already?!!

Bowen Family said...

What a fun way to celebrate. I love that idea. You can make anything seem over the top exciting. What kid wouldn't love a movie night like that. I really need to right all your ideas down. I love them! Have fun in Hawaii!!

Coordination Queen said...

She is so cute!