Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mt. McKinley

I've wanted all of us to see Mt. McKinley for a long time. This summer has not presented much opportunity to view the tallest mountain in North America. The two most popular places to see and go into the national park is Talkeetna and Denali. Well last Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day, so we drove a few hours north to Talkeetna with the hopes of seeing one of God's creations. We got to the Talkeetna Lodge and this was the view. You can see Mt. McKinley among other mountains. As you can see there were some clouds so we couldn't see the whole thing, but it was an amazing view none the less that my family could enjoy along with a hike. I hope that next year we can make it to Denali and see a closer look of Mt. McKinley. These pictures don't show the beauty and magestic-(ness) of what we saw.

I couldn't resist. To all my friends who have boys and no girls yet...this is what you're missing out on; girls peeing in the woods and getting it on their underwear. Learn from my mistake and pack extra underwear because girls usually pee on them.


Coordination Queen said...

yep. unless you are willing to lift them up, it gets messy. That is one thing I really like about having boys... silly huh? Beautiful mountains.

Bowen Family said...

That last picture is classic! I love it. I also love the new family picture at the top of the blog. You look amazing!! I need to get some pointers. What a fun day in the sun.