Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrating Valentines

I feel like this is the year (and the end of last year) of starting new traditions now that I have 2 kids that fully understand what's going on with each holiday and appreciate the fun little things we do. Valentines has provided yet another set of traditions. I wasn't sure what to do so in full Lauren fashion I stalked other creative blogs to copy other people's great ideas and add my own twist. I got these mail boxes at Michaels and added vinyl to personalize it. Every night I write something that I love about each child and put in a Hershey's kiss as well. When the flag is up, the girls know they have love mail. The first night, made it all worth it. The screaming, running down the stairs, and jumping up and down, not to mention the look in their eyes when they opened up their mail box was utterly satisfying for me. It's times like this where their reaction really makes my extra effort to make them feel special worth it. Every night since they pretty much have the same reaction. It's my favorite time of day, and theirs too. We'll continue this daily until Valentine's day. Here's the mail boxes, excuse me...Love boxes w/ love mail.
Up close view.
With their kiss and love mail.

For FHE, we made a love chain, counting down until Valentine's Day. Every morning we take off a piece of the love chain and perform the task on the paper. The tasks are all love/kind acts: Helping w/ the dishes, giving a compliment, making someone else's bed, etc.


Carrie said...

Oh my gosh that is such an amazing idea I cant wait to copy it next year if I remember ha ha LOVE it

Coordination Queen said...

You are such an amazing mom!

Anonymous said...

Take the time now, because not only will it make a difference over the years, you can't get those years back. What a cute idea!!XOXOX

Kirsten said...

that looks like so much fun! I may have to do that next year with my kids.

trimarie said...

Those are some lucky kids!