Saturday, February 19, 2011


I haven't gone snowboarding in at least 2 years and last year my parents bought Jeff and I snowboards and boots. I couldn't snowboard last year because I was PREGO. Today I went snowboarding on base with Sydney and some friends. It was my first time snowboarding in Alaska. It felt so good to be on the snow again. There are definitely perks to not being pregnant. I seriously love the wind in my face going up the lift. I always am a little scared when I haven't done something for awhile thinking I might not know how to do it anymore. I was stoked going down the hill like I had been doing it regularly for the past few years. It was so fun going with Sydney. She's such a good sport. I actually ended earlier than she wanted because my hands and feet were freezing. We went on the lift together but a few times she wanted to go by herself. It's so cute to see your kid so proud and happy of them self. It was just a great day together. The weather was awesome. It was actually sunny. The day before it snowed about 8 inches and the snow was great too.
Hillberg on Elmendorf

A few weeks ago we went snow machining (that's what they say in AK) with some friends. They were so nice to let us use their machines. It was my first time snow mobiling. Again, so much fun. The only problem was that it was -10 that day so we weren't out long because I freeze easily. Sydney of course loved it.Sydney on the machine


Bowen Family said...

What a fun day! It was gorgeous, I'm so jealous you got to be out on the slopes. You and Sydney look adorable.

Don't let anyone up here hear you say snowmobiling. I think it's rather funny that you can type snowmobiling without any typing error, however if you type snowmachining it says your wrong; then you get laughed at by avid "snowmachiners" for calling it the wrong thing. (did that make any sense?)

Alice said...

I'm so jealous...I haven't been skiing since we lived in Switzerland...3 yrs ago.

Anonymous said...

You two looked so cute and happy in your pictures! Dad and I got a kick out of hearing all about it. XOXO

Nicole said...

hey Lauren! we were at Alyeska on Friday and oh that snow was great! My kids have all been skiing for years but this is only my second year on skis (downhill and XC). The new snow was awesome and we had a great time! Glad you guys did too!

Luisa said...

I love love love the picture of you and Sydney on the ski fun that your daughter is old enough to share things like that with is so cute!