Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

Most parents would agree that trial and error is a part of day to day life. I recently saw a quote that goes along with this, "You may never make a discovery if you're afraid to make mistake." I've made my fair of mistakes (and my kids are only 5,3, and 1. YIKES). I made a new discovery that's been awesome for now, so we're sticking with it. We've been doing this for a few months now. I copied this from a friend, so it's not an original thought. So I call it Warm Fuzzies. My kids get a fuzzy when they give me or someone else a warm-fuzzy feeling inside them. This can be accomplished by sharing kindly, giving a genuine compliment, helping around the house w/o complaining or doing something w/o being asked to (I saw Jordyn throw trash away she saw on the ground w/o being asked and she didn't know I she got a fuzzy), helping a sibling that's needing something, etc. When the jar is full, they get a date with Jeff. Next time it's me and back and forth. Jeff took Sydney to get a pedi/mani. It was her first time. She loved it, what girl wouldn't right? Jeff just watched, he didn't join her. One time Jordyn wanted to make cupcakes together so we did that. It's been fun to see what the girls come up with on things they want to do. I think this will be sticking around our house for awhile :)
Love the purple and green she picked out.
Jordyn insisted on blue frosting on your cupcakes.


Coordination Queen said...

That is such a fun idea! I love the dates at the end. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Too fun! What a great idea!! Keep showing the fuzzy pics! How does Levi get to fill his jar? (sleep all night?)