Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Levi's first haircut

Tomorrow my friend is taking Levi's one year pictures and so we thought it was time for a haircut. It was getting long and would go over his ears if I didn't tuck it back behind them. I was a little nervous to have Jeff cut his hair knowing he's getting pictures done tomorrow. Wouldn't you? Jeff has no experience cutting a baby's hair and a baby who is twisting his head every 2 seconds and lifting his hands to his head. Jeff talked me into letting him do it, this is when his salesman's selling tactics play in his favor. I succumbed and Levi now has a cute, little boy haircut. But it was a lot of work. Me and the girls' job were singing "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" and "book of mormon stories" and entertaining him as much as possible. Levi did great. Our work paid off and Jeff was even able to break out his clippers. Now our baby boy looks more like a little dude. Such a cutie!




Bowen Family said...

How cute is he?!!! Nice work Jeff, with much help from the girls of the family. I can't wait to see him in person.

The Shaws said...

It is hard to cut their hair when they are wiggling. It's funny that I am now the hair cutter in my family. Thanks to Jeff's training and lots of practice. I now cut Timmy's, Luke's, Matt's and Richie's hair. (I know, Jenn went to hair school for a while. She says she only knows scissors and that takes too long.) Levi looks cute!

trimarie said...

We haven't had a computer for a while and have missed a bunch of your posts. It was fun to catch up and see how BIG everyone is getting. Can't wait til we can see you all in person again. :)

Tricia Harper said...

He's so cute!! I can't believe I've never seen him!! Good job on the haircut!!!

Coordination Queen said...

Can I bring McKay over for a haircut?