Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More faith

Yesterday morning, gosh that seems so long ago, Jeff informed me that his position as State Manager was no longer a position. They were going to decide to lay him off or keep him where he is -- as a District Manager. This same situation occurred 3 years ago when we were living in Colorado but he got rehired and we moved to Alaska. This time around I was a little more nervous because if he got laid off, moving our family back to the lower 48 would be a huge expense, not to mention being unemployed. Last night, out of nowhere, Jeff asked if we should pay tithing. I said "sure", forgetting that Jeff might be w/o a job the beginning of the new year. Had I remembered I probably would've said, "Let's wait until we know if you have a job or not." But luckily I'm married to a faithful guy because he knew exactly what he was doing. We paid our tithing, fast offering, and extra money to a missionary in our ward. Again, "Faith without works is dead." For about 36 hours Jeff and I discussed other job opportunities, moving from AK, where to move, etc. We believed and had faith that things would all work out no matter what happened. At about 4 this afternoon, Jeff got a phone call informing him that he still had a job. How thankful, excited, and relieved we were to hear that good news. Jeff mentioned at dinner time, "how crazy was it that we paid all that money knowing I might be without a job in a few days?" Then I remembered and realized 1. wow. I married a great person and 2. That's the second experience in a week reminding me that faith requires action and work from us and we will be blessed for that work, sacrifice, action, and faith we demonstrate.

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