Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This morning I got an email from a sister telling me she didn't want to visit teach anymore or have visiting teachers. I called her this evening to hear her out. She pretty much said she hasn't been visiting teaching since she's been here and that's she's too busy to do it. She said her daughter is in preschool and goes to speech therapy and that her companion is just as busy as her. I told her I could get her a new VT companion. She said she's still just "too busy." I anticipated this conversation to be awkward. Before I called her I felt the need to ask her this favor. I asked her if she would thoughtfully pray and ask if this is Heavenly Father's will for her not to visit teach. I told her that she would benefit, the sisters she would visit would benefit, and the ward also. She told me she's thought about this for a couple months now. Again I asked if she would pray about it and let me know on Sunday. Her parting words, "It's not gonna change." I will pray for her this week that she will think about my words and pray about it. I'm interested to see if she has a change of heart about visiting teaching.
I have to admit, I was insulted when she said she was "too busy." After all, don't we all have kids, family, work, callings, appts., and commitments we have. And then I was sad. If I'm insulted, how does Heavenly Father feel? He has done so much for us, so much that we are always indebted to him, and here this sister is "too busy" to care for another sister. And then I thought about myself. Have I ever thought to myself, "I'm too busy to prepare for that lesson, or I'm too busy to follow that prompting or reading my scriptures today or having family home evening, etc" I'm sure I have, but I hope that I never do again. I'm grateful for this new perspective I've gained. I realize that everything I am and everything I have comes from my Heavenly Father. I hope to be able to help others in my talents, time, and blessings to do what I can to help build the kingdom of God.

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