Thursday, July 26, 2012


 A lot of people ask what we've been up to during the days.
It's a pretty simple answer. We go swimming, splash parks, and the temple.
1.  Levi discovering that water comes up from the hole. "come on water."
 2.  giggle, giggle. "water, mom! "
 3. ummm. yeah it totally got me in the face.
Such a relief from the dry heat.

 The following are pictures of a pool in our community. We call it the beach pool because there is sand around the entire pool.

 The kids like walking around looking at the waterfalls and coy pond.
Another pool we go to a lot besides the beach pool and surrounding pools in our neighborhood are the outdoor and indoor pools at the gym we go to. This gym is so fun. There are waterslides and a little fun things for the small kids.
 Jeff, Sydney, and I also go rock climbing at our gym (you have to be 5 years old). And for my Alaska peeps this is cheaper than the AK club and it's waaay better.
 We also go to the Mesa Temple every Sunday. We went not knowing if they had a visitors center. Their visitor center is awesome. They have movies, art displays, a cactus garden, fountains and we just enjoy being there.

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