Thursday, July 26, 2012

Girls weekend

Last weekend I went to San Diego for a girls weekend with Jamie, Luisa Tiffany, and Whitney. Jamie and I drove down there together. I saw sand, the Mexico/US fence thing, border patrol, and I think we passed one semi-city--Yuma. We had, or at least, I had such a fun time. It's so relaxing to eat dinner w/o interruptions, go to the beach w/o worrying about your child drowning or getting lost, and leisurely shopping and walking around. Friday night, after Jamie and I made it there we went out to dinner, came back to the hotel and played truth/dare. I know it's sounds juvenile, but who says adult moms can't play that and laugh so hard they cry....or pee their pants. We went on a "booze cruise" for some dancing, went back to the hotel and crashed. Saturday we went to the beach and decided to rollerblade and ride bikes on the board walk for a few hours. Ate dinner at a Thai place where we ate on the ground. Shopping, went one of those rickety wood roller coasters on Mission Bay and walked around. We also got pedis and did some shopping. Fun times.

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