Thursday, July 5, 2012

prayers are answered

I had to write this down before I catch up on the previous month. By the way we're in Arizona now. That is important to know for this story. For lunch I made the kids and I a sandwich and we headed to the pool to eat our lunch and swim. It was about 11:30 when we walked out of our condo we're renting. I remember locking the door behind us w/ keys in hand. We ate, swam, and came home rather quickly because the kids were tired from a busy and exciting 4th of July and went to sleep late last night. We came home, and the key I had to open the door wasn't the right key. PANIC. It's bloody hot outside. Probably 105 or more degrees. I have no cell phone. No hide-a-key. Only 1 friend in AZ, but I don't have her number memorized so I couldn't call her if I wanted to and Jeff is with his boss today so he's probably not going to answer. Not a good situation to be in and did I mention my kids are TIRED. We did have a lock box on the door, but I didn't know the code and I was sure that even if I did know the code the key would not be in there. It was probably on another set of keys by now. I know not the most positive thinking going on in my head right now. I asked the kids what we should do in this tough situation. Jordyn mentioned the garage, but we had no garage opener. Sydney mentioned we should pray. My first thought that I kept to myself was, "we're not going to receive a answer where we randomly pick a 4 digit code number." I had no idea how prayer was going to work in this desperate circumstance (it was desperate to me anyway). Sydney offered the prayer. I got up tried the key again and pushed a few numbers in the lock box hoping for a  miracle. Nothing. I told the girls we needed to knock on someone's door and ask to use their phone. We took our first step off the door mat and a truck pulled in. I was going to ask for his phone, but before I could he said, "I came to fix your A/C." It was broken and Jeff called the owner over 36 hours ago and we had not heard from him so I wasn't expecting anyone. This worker guy called the owner, got the lock box code, there was a key inside and we were back inside within 5 minutes of when Sydney offered a prayer for help. What a blessing prayer is. I believe prayers are heard and answered. I believe that we have a Heavenly Father who knows us and loves us and wants us to be happy and safe. I am always humbled by these simple moments that remind me that I'm a daughter of God and that he watches over me, my family, and those who seek Him.

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Kirsten said...

Your kids are amazing Lauren! Pray works, that's for sure! I think that when a child prays the answer is even more powerful. Their faith is so strong.