Saturday, January 12, 2013

28 weeks

It's official, I'm in my 3rd trimester. The idea of a fourth child, 3rd girl, is becoming increasingly exciting for all of us. This little girl will need big cheeks to kiss and chunky thighs to squeeze from all of us who are itching to love on her. I'm feeling really good minus a few things here and there i.e. the early onset of carpel tunnel. I feel so good that the other day I had the idea that we should all go roller skating. Then I remembered that I'm 7 months prego and that I really shouldn't be on roller skates. I do notice that I get winded more easily. I'm still going to yoga/pilates and zumba; although, my range of motion is decreasing. I still have fun and I'm sure people have fun looking at the pregnant lady getting her groove on to Latin music.

My LDS, female, OB, that is my age is moving to TX. So sad. Her and I were really starting to bond. It's kinda weird to think that she could have been my roommate. I haven't met my new OB. It doesn't matter a whole lot to me. As long as the dr. is competent, educated, and has social tact and I'm good. The previous dr. said this new one is similar to her.

I think I'm already starting the whole "nesting" phase. I've bought many things on craigslist. I know...I know...this is my 4th and you would think I have everything, but when I was in AK I gave most of my baby things away to other people who needed them more than me at the time.  So I got some sweet deals on a duo swing that also serves as a bouncy seat, a stroller and carseat, and a jumping exersaucer thing. I'm very picky. I picked things out almost brand new, only used with 1 child, very clean, and of course pet and smoke free homes. I've also been putting more pictures and decorating in our home.

On Friday I had that glucose test and blood work drawn and next friday I have another ultrasound and a Rogam (sp?) shot in the butt since I'm O-. Excited about the ultrasound not so much about the butt shot. No cravings, lots of kicking, and recently rolling and kicking me way on the side of the abdomen, no swelling, carpel tunnel-mostly in the middle of the night, officially sleeping on my side, slip on shoes and maxi skirts are my favorite.

We're open to girl names. Any ideas of girl names would be appreciated.

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I liked Jeff's choice!