Sunday, January 6, 2013


For FHE tonight we decided to teach about concept of making goals and working on them.  I wrote down our goals for the year and then next year we'll see how we did.
Pray by himself without anyone helping him
Learning to pee and pooh on the toilet and wear underwear during the day

Bear her testimony in sacrament meeting by herself without any help.
Count to 100
Learn all the phonograms
Learn to tie shoes

Read the entire Book of Mormon before she gets baptized (December 2013)
Make it to the top of the #4 course at the rock wall (at the gym we go to)
Start her bubble gum business and save money (she wants to save for a puppy)
Learn to read a clock

Remember to pray everyday on my own.
Read entire BOM with Sydney everyday.
Enjoy life and have a good attitude especially with having a new baby and getting less than ideal sleep.
Try and take a few trapeze lessons
Work on losing baby weight and feeling good about how I look....NAKED (yeah, I said it).

Complete Duty to God requirements
Learn much about and magnify new calling as Scout Master and leading the Deacons
Getting an A in his Human Anatomy Class he's starting next week

I also plan on posting this to our fridge so we can help each other with our goals and remember them.


Carrie said...

Oh you are going to rock it in the mirror girl! LOVE IT

Anonymous said...

Good for all of you!!!