Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jordyn's 5th b-day

Jordyn couldn't wait for her birthday. It was torture to wait 6 long days from Sydney's birthday until hers. When she woke up she ate donuts and pancakes and then opened one of her presents, this Merida doll.
 For lunch she wanted to go to the restaurant with "the grapes." After some time I finally figured out she meant Olive Garden. She got shy when they sang to her but still enjoyed her treat.

 After lunch we had to pick up Sydney because the 3 of them had a dentist appt. I know, no fun, to go to the dentist on your birthday, but he gave her 2 movie tickets so it was worth it! After the dentist we headed to gymnastics. For dinner she requested salmon, spaghetti, and salad. haha. She makes us laugh.  And for dessert rainbow cupcakes and ice cream.

Love this new big 5 year old!

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Anonymous said...

Such a big girl! She really is a one-of-a-kind cutie!!