Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas time

Our first Christmas in Arizona. I did miss the snow at Christmas time. It adds an ambiance to the holiday. We still managed to have fun and make some memories once again. My parents came to our home for Christmas. We made sugar cookies and frosted them.

 The kids went crazy on the sprinkles as you can tell.

 Before church on Sunday. That night we went to see the Christmas lights and nativity sets from all over the world at the Mesa Temple.

 Christmas Eve morning a group of us went caroling at the Gilbert Mercy Hospital. After we checked out the maternity ward upstairs where I'll be delivering.

Christmas morning: The kids run through the paper hanging up, we sing songs and say a prayer before opening gifts. This year we all made each other homemade gifts and we opened those on Christmas Eve night. For breakfast we have our traditional breakfast burritos we made ahead of time.

 Just in case you're wondering, on Christmas day the kids are allowed to play with Jack Sherman (the elf) before he leaves.
 Mom opening the yearly photo calendar I make for her
  Both Levi and Jordyn loved their new bikes
 And Sydney loves her electric razor!


Anonymous said...

Yay Christmas!!! We had such a great time!!!! Thanks so much!!! XO

Coordination Queen said...

so fun! Where did you get Jordyn's bike? I need to get a new one for Ky & she would love one like that.