Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Every year Jeff's grandma has a big nye party at their home in Whittier. We've missed the past few years so we had fun seeing the entire family again.
 Jeff's parents, siblings, spouses, and nephews.
 At the party. Grandma with most of her great grandchildren. She goes all out and gets everyone a present which is probably 60-70 people.
 After eating dinner, everyone sitting around waiting for presents to be opened or the famous gift exchange that's a game. We ended up with a hose and lantern and a treasure chest with some candy in it.

 Jordyn and her cousin Jake. They're 4 months apart.
 Sydney and Aunt Luisa. She had given Sydney the friendship bracelet kit and was getting her set up with that.
 Jordyn and another cousin, Luke. They're a month apart in age.
 The whole crew. We were missing Adam, Amanda's family, Michael, and I'm sure I'm missing someone else.
 Levi and his cousin Matt. 

 The 3 pregger girls. I'm due beginning of April, Luisa is due the end of June, and Shannon is due in August. Luisa and I are having girls and I think we're all sending our girl power to Shannon (she has 3 boys).
 Counting down and then we run outside and bang on pots and pans.
They made it until midnight!

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