Saturday, February 23, 2013


The Gers came to visit us over Presidents weekend. They are Jeff's grandparents and the kid's great-grandparents. We call them the Gers in short for Geriatrics. I know it sounds kinda cruel, but they have a great sense of humor  and refer to themselves as the Gers too. It was great to have them here for a few days and get one-on-one time with them. On Monday we went to the zoo.
 Hanging out at home with Grandpa.
 The whole crew
 Spider monkeys
 On the train. Sydney got her haircut the day before. I LOVE her hair short like this. It's so cute to me.
 Grandma and Jordyn
Observing giraffes, ostriches, and some other animals.


Anonymous said...

The Gers look terrific! How nice to have family come to visit!!! I can't wait for my upcoming visit!!!

The Shaws said...

Sydney's hair does look really cute short. I also like teh bottom pic of Jordyn's hair in the braids.