Friday, February 15, 2013


I'm glad valentine's is over. I'm so over candy right now I despise even talking about. I'm not a fan of those conversation hearts. I'd rather have chocolate, but by now, I don't want chocolate EVER again. This poor baby is on sugar over load...I feel bad and guilty. Anywho, we did celebrate. I do the "love mail" with the kids every year, writing them a love note and putting a little piece of candy in their mail box. They look forward to the morning to open their mailboxes. I even did something for Jeff everyday leading up to Valentines. I don't usually do much for him, but this year I was feeling like I should and I'm glad I took the extra effort. I think he felt special and he should because he is special to me. I hear the argument that some don't celebrate v-day with their spouse because they don't need a holiday to remind them to be more loving. I don't either, but it's nice to do something out of the ordinary wether it's a holiday, birthday, or just another boring/dull Monday. Here are some of the little gifts I left in his car every morning.

 Fortune I made out of paper and put my own fortunes inside

 The kids always love to bake and decorate cookies or cupcakes.
 Valentine pancakes one morning

 Wax lips they got in their mail boxes.

 Jeff made me a candy gram and had the kids help. I think you can read it by the picture. The kids love the idea and were super excited to surprise me with it.

A few days before V-day, I was wearing a red sports bra since I had just worked out. Jordyn, "Look dad. Mom has red boobs just in time for v-day."

On V-day I left one last note and little candy (big wax lips and a moustache for Levi) in their mail box along with a new book and bathing suit. We picked up Sydney for lunch and the 5 of us went to a pizza place by her school. Everyone loved that. For dinner we enjoyed chicken teriyaki and friend rice with some pink soda and each of us went around the table telling each other why we loved each other. That night when the kids were in bed, Jeff and I watched "Survivor!" We love that show. It was a great few weeks and I have to admit I'm glad we're moving on from hearts, red, and chocolate.


Anonymous said...

You are so clever and make just the little things soooo fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

I really love the Big Red wax lips kiss!!!