Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring Training

Today we went to a spring training baseball game: Brewers vs. A's. I've heard a ton about spring training and so it was a lot of fun to check a game out. Someone from Jeff's work hooked us up with some tickets and we took 3 of our neighbor kids. Wow, did I get looks and unfortunately it wasn't cuz I'm cute or anything. People were staring looking at Jeff, 6 kids, and a really pregnant person. One person did tell me that ALL my kids were adorable and well behaved, which was nice.
The weather was awesome and it was great to enjoy being outside. Many people were laying out on the lawn watching the game.
We walked around the park at one point in hopes of catching a foul ball because we had 2 boys with us that were 11 and 12. All of a sudden a foul ball game our way. It hit a pole, the ground, and then Jordyn's tummy. One of the boys got the ball and EMT came to make sure Jordyn was okay. She was tearful but after the EMT gave her a new ball she seemed better.
 The whole crew including our neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a ballgame in shirt sleeve whether with a beautiful
family to make me seriously jealous!!

Kirsten said...

I've gotten those looks before, especially when I did daycare and took all the kids to a hotel on the strip in Vegas. Haters gonna hate is my opinion...and you do look cute!!