Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 weeks to go

Yep 5 more weeks.
In this picture I feel like I'm in a dove ad for a "real" pregnant makeup, in pjs, hair up, and I'm not a size 2. Jeff thought I was kidding when I asked him to take a picture. I wanted to remember what I look like right before bed after a long day. I'll probably regret this in the near future. Today I had my OB appt. From this point on I have them weekly, that's when you know things are close. My blood pressure was 102/62, the baby's heart beat was 142, and I'll spare you the details with my weight:) I've been feeling like I'll have the baby sooner than later, but I just got word that my sister is willing to come from Utah and take hospital pictures so now I'm hoping that our baby won't come early.
Today I went to Zumba, had lunch with some friends, went to my appt., came home did some laundry before picking up Sydney from school, finally showered, and cleaned up toys before twelve 8 & 9 year old girls came over for activity days. On Wednesdays Jeff goes to school and then has scouts so he doesn't get home until 8:30-9pm so after I put the kids to bed I'm usually wiped out. Instead of watching a movie like I usually do until Jeff comes home, I started to organize a closet and a few cupboards. Now I'm officially exhausted. Good night from one "dove" mom to another.


Anonymous said...

I love these little updates!!! You are so amazing with all you accomplish in your dove days!!! XO

Kirsten said...

You are beautiful! I can't buy pj's like that. They are never long enough in the arms or I'm excited to see your sweet little one, whether she is early or not.

Alice said...

I think you look super beautiful!