Friday, June 28, 2013

3 Months

Macie had many "firsts" during her second month of life including: first road trip (9.5 hours long), visiting her first state, Utah. She also went to Nevada. This month she'll visit California too. She went on her first flight in an airplane (Vegas to Mesa, AZ) on Father's day. She went to her first Circus and Rodeo. She had her first laugh on June 21. I was making some up some fake words in probably a really dumb voice....but it made her laugh nonetheless.

 At the Vegas airport. Yes, I traveled with 4 kids by myself. Unfortunately Allegiant Air wouldn't let my parents help me to the gate. An older, sweet lady helped me put and tie my shoes after going through security because macie was in a baby carrier so I couldn't bend over.
 This is Macie on the flight. She slept the whole way, well it was only an hour. The problem with a sleeping child on you is that it's difficult regulating the older two sitting in the row in front of you. They started arguing (big surprise right? Siblings at each other) towards the end of the flight. Everyone was still pretty good though considering. We were so happy to finally see Jeff after 2 weeks.
Macie relaxing on our couch after the flight.

 So now this little one is 3 months. Seriously, I'm not sure how time goes by so quickly. She is such a joy. A happy baby that talks a lot! She also started cooing this month. She weighs 13 lbs 7oz. Still sporting cradle cap. Going into the pool now. Still sleeping through the night!! Sleeping in her own crib in her room now. Life is good with 4.


Anonymous said...

She looks so cute!!! I love and miss that smile!

Kirsten said...

Three months already? She's getting cuter in every pic and I was head over heals with how cute she was on day one. I love her sweet little smile. How do you get anything done around the house with a cutie to stare at all day?

Alice said...

you are so amazing for flying with everyone alone!