Thursday, June 27, 2013


The day after Macie's blessing we drove to Utah with my parents. Jeff stayed behind because he had to fly to Texas for work and then to Catalina for a week with Scout Camp. This was Macie's first road trip. She did amazing on the 9 1/2 hour drive. Unfortunately Levi and Jordyn did not. They both threw up 3 times each and I can't tell you how many times we heard, "how much longer." I had stuff for them to do, but pinterest doesn't have ideas on how you eliminate that question from kids :)

In Cedar City we went to a circus, celebrated my parents anniversary by making them dinner, serving it to them and providing entertainment (the kids got very passionate about their assignments--it was cute), went to the reservoir, park, aquatic center, rode horses, their 4 wheelers, played "AGGRAVATION", made rock candy, Sydney learned how to play Sudoku. played with cousins, and went to our first rodeo.

When we got to Cedar City my sister was there with her 5 kids and her newest baby, Finn. Finn is 6 weeks younger than Macie and is the cutest thing ever. The cousins had fun together. It's always fun to see them together since it doesn't happen all that often. I made a last minute decision to drive to my sister's house in Highland once they left to show my kids BYU and temple square. You guessed it...another road trip, another puking in the car. My mom and I drove by my the apt I use to live in and we walked around campus for a bit. Sydney was very interested in my apt and the college. The next day we went to temple square with my sister's kids. We toured the conference center, walked around temple square and visited the church history museum, which has a neat, kids-friendly second story full of entertaining things.

 At the rodeo. We loved it and Sydney participated in the "cash cow" too.

 At temple square in the Church history museum

 On top of the Conference center with everyone.

 Jordyn is a great big sis! She wants to take care of Macie the most out of all the kids.
 For some reason the kids accepted the umbrellas that were offered to them at the Conf. Ctr. Random thing, but Parker had brought a turkey baster in his pocket (for some reason) and was playing with it in the water features on top of the bldg. It made me laugh.
 Girl Cousins
 Postpartum big mommies and cute little babes
 I love this picture of Sydney and my dad riding horses in a field.
 One afternoon was spent at the reservoir playing in the water and sand.

 At the circus in Cedar City

Another great picture I had to add.
Making the game in Grandpa's workshop.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! We really did a lot of things!! I had never seen the picture of Dad and Syd! It really is a classic along with some of the others! We had so much fun having you and the kids here!! We still think about each of you and all the fun we had everyday!