Thursday, June 27, 2013

macie's blessing

On June 2 Jeff blessed Macie in our ward at church. In our church we bless babies and give them a name. They don't get "baptized" like most other churches at infancy. They get baptized when they are 8 years old, the age of accountability. For Macie's blessing my parents came and Jeff's grandparents, parents, and Chris and Tyler. My mom bought Macie's dress. My sister took some pictures of Macie when we visited her but I don't have those yet. Here are some pictures we took with the family.

 This is as good as we're gonna get with our family. Sydney hates taking pictures. Jordyn wanted to wear her Christmas dress in June and Levi wanted to wear his camouflaged army shoes instead of his church shoes and his shirt already came out of his pants. With a house full of people for the weekend, I wasn't in the mood to fight battles.
 I'm hope my kids will be good friends when they are older.

 Grandma Karen
 Great Grandma Marianne and Grandpa Gordon
 Uncle Chris
Gammie and Grandpa Koehler
I'm not sure why I don't have a picture of Grandpa Tim and Uncle Tyler.

The men in the circle were: Dad, Great Grandpa Gordon, Grandpa Koehler, Grandpa Tim, Uncle Chris, Mike Huss, and Zane Overly (one of dad's deacons) who held the mic. It was a heartfelt blessing and Macie was awake during it, apparently staring at Jeff the whole time and was calm and quiet.
That night we sat and each of us shared our testimony with one another in our living room.

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Anonymous said...

What great pictures for Macie to treasure when she's older and realize how many people love and support her! She really looked beautiful!!!