Thursday, June 27, 2013


Sydney is trying a few new things: Violin and Horseback riding. For the past two years Sydney has been interested in the violin. I kept putting it off because I wanted to make sure she really wanted to do it. We finally started her with lessons. The teacher thinks she will do well. Our ward has an orchestra and she will participate in that. That will be so fun to see her perform and put her lessons to good use.
 For Christmas my parents got Sydney a few horse lessons and were just now getting around to it. I wanted to do it in the January when it was cool but they were booked until now. Wednesday was her first lesson at 5pm and it was 110 degrees. yuck!
 Sydney does not like jeans and she had to wear pants even though it was super hot so she's sporting her favorite bright pink pants.

 No surprise to us, Sydney was trying to get the horse to trot, which she successfully accomplished, even though the teacher advised the kids not to do.

She's asking for cowboy boots now.

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Anonymous said...

Sydney looks so tickled and proud of herself in all the pictures!!! How's the violin practice going?