Friday, June 28, 2013

Jeff's birthday

In case you can't tell we had a mustache theme for Jeff's birthday. I figured since he can't grow a moustache, I'd make him one :)  I made a moustache cake and bought these mustaches for us to wear. Even Macie wore a moustache. The kids loved it! They helped me bake the cake too.

 In the morning we made Jeff breakfast in bed and the kids had picked out presents for him. Levi got him a new soccer ball, Jordyn picked out ASU b-ball shorts, and Sydney picked out car air fresheners and they drew him pictures.

The night before when he was at scouts we wrote him notes and decorated the inside of his car with these notes and streamers. We all love Jeff and were so blessed to have him as our dad, friend, care taker, provider, and lover.

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Anonymous said...

seriously cute!!! The kiddos banditos!!! Jeff and Levi's moustaches had me really laughing!! The whole thing looked really fun!!!!! Happy Birthday Jeff!