Friday, June 28, 2013


 This summer I have some plans for learning. We had a United States week-long theme a few weeks ago. We learned some patriotic songs, had a huge floor puzzle of all the states to put together and a smaller one. Levi still does both of these puzzles multiple times everyday--he loves puzzles. We started collecting quarters of each state, we used a fun travel game, looking for license plates of each state, and used an educational app that the kids play every day too. Let's just say a few weeks ago, my kids didn't know any states and now Sydney knows all the states and where they are located. We're just getting into capitals now. It's funny too, Sydney had a great idea. Instead of playing the game "colors" in the pool, we play "states." It makes me laugh to hear Levi mention random states here and there throughout the day.
 The last few weeks we learned about rocks: sedimentary, igneous, and magma. We read several books about rocks, made rock candy, observed rocks and made a chart about the shape, color, size, and drew a picture of it, and did this fun activity. We, yes me included, excavated rocks. There were 11 rocks for the kids to chip away at this block of clay. It took several days because it required some patience to get all the rocks.

All the kids working together and getting along. Another reason it was a good activity.

Safety First! 
 Next up--VOLCANOS and a weather unit.


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention the rock candy in this blog. Did you ever eat it? What did the kids think? We haven't had ants since!! Levi's safety picture cracked me up!!!

Kirsten said...

You are amazing! I love that you do so many fun things with your kids. I bet mine would love to excavate rocks, especially since they insist on collecting them everywhere we go.