Thursday, October 10, 2013

festive stuff

This week the kids have school off for Fall Break. It's been refreshing to wake up and eat breakfast on our own time. It's also been a week to get in the Halloween spirit. Yesterday we went to our friends house and decorated halloween cookies, made caramel apples and halloween masks.
 Jordyn and Levi helping to make frosting.
 ah ha! Gotcha....eating the chocolate off the wrapper. Her job was smashing up the butterfingers bars to dip our caramel apples in.

It's always makes me a little sick when I see how much frosting and sprinkles the kids use to decorate their cookies with. Don't you love the dirt on Levi's nose?
 Levi's fake smile is sooo obvious. Jordyn's real smile couldn't be any cuter.

 I love capturing these moments because in what seems like a few seconds, this girl won't want to be doing "kid" things anymore.
Today we went to Barnes and Noble. They read "Vampire Baby" to us and we made our own vampire babies.
An attempt to get the 5 of us together. It was worth a try.
 Came home and knew I had to take some pictures of this sweet lil' thing before she pooped on it or spit up on it, which she did both, about an hour later.
 Baby girls and leg warmers are the cutest!

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gammie said...

I love your blog!! I get such a kick out of the kids' pictures!! Macie is really getting cute!! I laughed at all the obvious signs of taste testing along the way!!