Friday, October 4, 2013

toothless in Gilbert

On October 2nd (on her cousin's, Cameron's, 11th birthday, she wanted me to tell her Aunt Brooke that bit of info), Jordyn lost her very first tooth. There's a story behind this. There's usually "stories" behind most of what Jordyn says and does. She's been feeling left out that neighbors and kids in her class have been loosing teeth and she has not. So in Jordyn fashion she did something about it, I love her proactive, determination, when she does have it. She started moving and tugging at her bottom tooth. Eventually it started to loosen, I think prematurely, but she was happy about the progress. For 2 weeks she kept asking Jeff and I to pull it out. I always replied, "It's not loose enough yet and I can't pull it out, I get too sick about that stuff." I know I'm a whimp about blood. Then she started asking Jeff on a daily basis and he kept on saying, "it's not loose enough yet."Well another one of Jordyn's good tactics is wearing us down. She kept at Jeff asking, and asking, and asking him to pull her tooth. On October 2nd, she asked again (it still wasn't loose enough), but the next thing I saw at the corner of my eye was Jeff's hand in her mouth and pushing down hard and fast. Then I heard the tearing noise of tissue pulling apart from one another. I knew what he did and my stomach was getting knotted up and the feeling of my esophagus shrinking, making it difficult to swallow was happening. I was expecting Jordyn to cry. It sounded painful. She looked shocked and then when she saw her tooth she was so happy. She ran to the bathroom to see the bloody gap in between her teeth and then ran and showed Sydney and Levi and our neighbors outside. The tooth fairy left a dollar but she wanted to keep her tooth.

She's so cute! I love her! I love her new gap. I love her dimples, blue eyes, button nose, round, soft cheeks, and her chin. Truly one-of-a kind!


gammie said...

She is really something!!! I loved the enthusiasm and the pure joy in her pictures!!! I almost lost it myself just reading your description. Jeff's door pulling pic of Syd made me queasy!

Kirsten said...

She is one determined little girl!!! I'm impressed that there were no tears shed.

Lance Koehler said...

Yay, way to go Dr. Dad and Queasy Mom, you now have one happy cute gap-toothed little angel. Congratulations Jordyn!! :)