Thursday, October 10, 2013

september pictures

Jordyn's "selfies" I found on Jeff's phone. So many faces.

 A typical morning in our house before school starts. 
 Macie tries a lemon (without her consent)
 Levi put his hat on Macie's head and I couldn't resist a picture of her wearing it, sitting in her Bumbo.
 and then I had to take more pictures of her just sitting there looking all cute.
 An afternoon yawn. Staring at a camera lens is pretty boring I guess.
 I love the raised, hairless eyebrows and round face.
 "Finally, mom gives me something to look at instead of a black camera."
 "I love flipping the pages."
 "and looking at the pictures isn't bad either."
 "M.U.S.T. put in mouth."
 After the photo op I took her outside to check on the rest of the family. Macie loves looking at the palm trees  swaying back and forth.
 Cute sisters.
 Part of our backyard. Just loved the green against the blue sky.

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gammie said...

Jordyn cracks me up!! I can't believe she knows how to take selfies! I bet Jeff laughed when he discovered it! After all those SWEET pics of Macie, don't you feel guilty for giving her a SOUR lemon? ha ha