Wednesday, October 16, 2013

no training wheels

Jeff has been wanting to teach Levi how to ride a bike without training wheels for awhile now. Between campouts, soccer, and the heat, Jeff didn't get around to it. That was up until Saturday, October 12th.
 This is how it went down: attempt #1 Levi and the bike just tipped over. Jeff lowered the bike seat. Levi barely touches the ground if he's on his tip-toes. attempt #2 Jeff gives him a push and he's one minute of riding before him and the bike tip over sideways. Jeff and I stared in amazement. I guess we thought it would take an hour. attempt #3 longer ride and he turns in the street and goes up the driveway without falling. He's too short to put both feet on the ground and get off. So what he does is he slows down and when it's about come to a complete stop, he tips the bike to the side until his foot touches the ground and gets off.
 Seriously we have a stud. I'm hoping to get him to ski this winter!

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gammie said...

Of course he's a stud; he's a Shaw!!! I can hardly wait to watch him in person! Go Levi!!!!!!