Wednesday, October 23, 2013

halloween dinner

Tonight I made a halloween dinner for the family. A few years ago I did this on Oct. 31st and it didn't turn out so well because the kids were too excited to go trick-or-treating. They hardly ate or just shoved food in their mouths to go trick-or-treaitng sooner. I enjoy doing these kinds of things for them. I know they don't know what I put into it and can't appreciate it yet. I don't do it for that; I do it so they feel my love for them. I try to let my actions speak louder than words. I try to make these "love deposits" cuz I know sometimes I make "crazy mom withdrawals." I hope in the end I make more deposits than withdrawals. I love these kids! I love my family! I love being their mom and I love making their lives a little sweeter. Back to this post....I made a halloween dinner. I decorated the table and made the menu they could look at all day. We ate mini pumpkins (oranges), friendly ghosts (bananas), mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls), jello bats, scarecrow teeth (corn), dessert was mummies on a stick, and drinks were spider juice. The pictures should explain things. After dinner we "booed" someone. It was a fun night. Oh yeah, after dinner we had an activity. The kids were blind-folded and they felt human ears, human eye balls, human teeth, a heart, and intestines. Of course they weren't real. Levi thought it was though until I had them guess what it REALLY was. The ears were dried apricots, the eyes were grapes, the teeth were candy corn, the heart was a chunk of jello, and the intestines was spaghetti.

 My new bat salt-n-pepper shakers. Everyone was happy we got new ones. Levi picked them out.
 Mummies on a stick

 This was actually my first time making jello. I know crazy!

After dinner, Sydney secretly told everyone to yell "thank you" to me on her count to 3 (on her own. no prompting from Jeff). So cute.

 Jordyn and Levi showing me their dessert
I put some plastic spiders in an ice tray and froze them to put in their water.


gammie said...

What an awesome treat Lauren! Everything was so cute and so clever and the table was beautiful! I loved the menu card!I think you are the "Mummy of the Year"!!!!!

Jamie said...

You are the coolest!