Thursday, October 17, 2013

punch out my time card

Let's face it, being a parent is a full-time job and when the kids go to sleep, I punch my time card and Jeff and I indulge in our favorite show. Fortunately I only have one full-time job, Jeff has two: Pfizer and being a great dad. Well last night him and I were more than ready to punch our time cards when this happened right before bedtime. The kids were eating dessert right before they needed to go upstairs and take showers. Levi dropped and broke one of the pumpkin salt-n-pepper shakers. They were cute, but they were salt-n-pepper shakers I wasn't at the least bit upset about it. Levi on the other hand immediately started crying asking, "am I in trouble." Of course he wasn't in trouble and I wasn't mad. I tried to prove that by doing something I've never done before. I gave him permission to throw the other one on the ground to break it. I thought it would be fun and make light of the situation and what's the purpose of only one shaker without it's pair? He broke it, him and Sydney kinda laughed and was surprised I told him to break the other. Then out of nowhere Jordyn starts crying in hysterics.
Me: "Really? What's wrong with you?"
Jordyn: "those were my favorite. I loved playing with those after school. They were like my kids."
Me: thoughts in my head, "OH MY GOSH! Where's a talent agent when I need one. This girl needs to star in a child soap opera.
Jeff is washing dishes and I look at him kinda laughing while levi and jordyn are still crying. I could only smile because talking to him was pointless, we couldn't hear one another if we wanted to say anything. Sydney then heads to the sink where Jeff is at to put her dirty ice cream bowl in. She misgauges the drop and lets go of the bowl too soon causing the bowl to break in the sink. She then precedes to cry (the other two are still crying). Macie on the other hand is happy lying on the floor, rolling around. Jeff turns off the water and says to the kids, "time to get ready for bed." He then says to me, "time to punch out our time cards" under his breath. I totally agreed. The end. Kids asleep early. Watched survivor when he returned from scouts.

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gammie said...

Oh my! That was so funny! You have a natural talent for relaying information that puts me in the moment! Have the kids recovered today? Maybe you should produce a child's soap opera. By the way, where are those time cards? Sometimes I have days I want to punch out of!!! ha ha