Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jordyn's last day and graduation

 I love this picture of Jordyn up above. She is excited to be in first grade this fall. There are 4 kindergarten classes. They all sang a few songs and their teacher called each up by name and shook their hand.
 She transitioned very well to this new school in January. She loved her teacher and met some good friends.
 One of her friends, Ava.
Jordyn's teacher Ms. Beazer
 The last day of walking to the school bus. I walk with them with Macie in tow and Levi rides his bike. On the last day the school sold 500 Bahama Buck's "sno blast' and they all sold out.


gammie said...

I've been waiting for pictures!!!! These are all so cute!! There wasn't one child Dad and I didn't gush over!! I just love seeing them!! thanks for the posts and for being such a great mom!!! We LOVE all of you!

gammie said...

congratulations Miss Graduate!